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Joel Maloff, Principal Consultant

Internet telephony strategic analysis and design

SIP Trunking

Hosted IP PBX

Premises-based IP PBX

Unified Communications

Information Systems Security

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Whether you represent an enterprise or a technology organization, Maloff NetResults will help you develop a comprehensive and effective technology plan.

Joel Maloff has been delivering outstanding, reliable technology consulting services to our valuable clientèle since 1994. In addition, Mr. Maloff has served in very senior positions for an international telecommunications carrier (Chief Technology Officer), wireless Internet services provider (General Manager), Internet security device manufacturer (General Manager), hosted IP PBX provider (Senior Vice President-Corporate Strategies), and a leading SIP trunking provider (SVP- Sales and Marketing). Let us help you design and implement an Internet telephony or information systems security strategy for your business that will be well-considered, cost effective, and provide you with a competitive advantage. In today's business environment, it is essential that you select solutions that best fit your requirements, are interoperable with other network elements, and are scalable as your requirements grow. It is also critical that EVERY organization that is connected to the Internet have a comprehensive information systems security policy and plan. Develop a network and systems environment that will grow elegantly and securely with your business. Maloff NetResults helps you protect your infrastructure, ideas, and investment. Contact Maloff NetResults today. We will demonstrate how our assistance can provide confidence that you are prepared.

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